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Carcassonne Airport Parking

Carcassonne Airport serves the Carcassonne City and towns like Pennautier, Villemoustaussou, Pezens, Ventenac-Cabardès, Montréal, Cazilhac, Caux-et-Sauzens and Alzonne. At Carcassonne Airport, the flights are offered by an inexpensive airline carrier, Ryanair Airline. Throughout the year, flights from London-Stansted, Dublin, Brussels South-Charleroi and Liverpool are regular, whereas those from Porto, Glasgow-Prestwick, East Midlands and Cork are seasonal.

Along with short or long parking periods, the two parking areas P1 and P2 offer reasonable rates outside Carcassonne Airport. A little further away from airport’s amenities, P1 is located right in front of the terminal while P2 is at the end of terminal. Parking at the airport is facilitated in the form of total 250 parking spaces are available for private vehicles.

The signs boards direct the people approaching the airport towards the parking areas. People can find a suitable space after taking the ticket. This ticket will be required at the time of payment for the parking duration, so it should be kept safely. The first fifteen minutes are free whereas, €2.80 for one hour, €5.80 for one - four hours, €8.00 for four - twelve hours, €9.50 for twelve – twenty four hours, €17.50 for day two, €26.00 for day three, €30.00 for day four, €33.00 for day five, €36.00 for day six and €39.00 for day seven or eight. €39.00 plus €3.20 per additional day are charged for day nine to fifteen of parking and €70.00 is charged for day 16 to 23. €80.00 is charged for day twenty four to thirty one. Same is also charged for more than thirty one days but €2.10 is also charged additionally for each day.

For €175.00, a three month’s parking subscription with unlimited access and for €560.00 a yearly parking subscription is also available for frequent users of parking at the airport. Reserved parking spaces for disabled passengers are available close to terminal building.