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Carcassonne Airport Buses

At Carcassonne, passengers can choose any of suitable option from an established system of transportation. Bus services and taxis are included in the Public transport systems. Getting to by bus to the Carcassonne Airport is the most suitable way to travel from different areas the city. At the airport, the metropolitan transportation company Anglo’Bus is also operating on all roads of Carcassonne. After twenty minutes of each arrival flight its bus leaves from the airport. Thus, passengers should head straight to the bus stop as soon as they collect their luggage. The passengers can purchase tickets for the journey from the bus driver. Passengers can reach the medieval city, the Carcassonne train station, the Place Daville and the central dome by Aerobus. Passengers can request for stops at the hotels en route. Therefore, one of the most convenient means of transportation for Carcassonne city centre is buses.

Just ten minutes walk away from the airport terminal, there is another bus service with cheaper rates is available. After crossing the main avenue outside the terminal, and walk five minutes alongside rue Jacques Vaucanson, then after taking left at Henri Bouffet, walk further for five minutes towards the roundabout. Buses # 1 and 3 stop there every day except on Sundays.

Many packages facilitate getting to by bus to the Carcassonne Airport. Passengers can buy single ticket and various other options. A one week unlimited access to services is offered by The Tempo’Bus and a one month unlimited access for three person of the same family is allowed by the Famili’Bus. An 80% disabled person, and senior citizen, more than 65 years of age can get free transport cards. Also there is free travel for children below seven years age. Lowest possible rates of buses enables the passengers to easily reach anywhere in the city. Due to this reason, bus services are preferred by most of the local passengers.