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Carcassonne Airport serves the Carcassonne City and towns like Pennautier, Villemoustaussou, Pezens, Ventenac-Cabardès, Montréal, Cazilhac, Caux-et-Sauzens and Alzonne. Montquier, Saint-Jean de Grèzes and Galinier are the areas located particularly near whereas, Bram, Montréal, Pennautier and Villemoustaussou are a little further. The Spanish border is in the south of city and Castres and Albi are in the north. The D119 and D6161 can be accessed while driving towards the CCF from the city, while from east and west A61 Autoroute can be accessed. The D33, providing link from places like Villesèquelande and Castelnaudary is passing by northern side of Airport grounds.

From the city centre, the direct link is the Route de Montréal or the D119. It is on a few minute straight drive to the airport. From northern places of Carcassonne City, the D6161 can be used. From south-western places of Carcassonne the D6113 leads to the airport.

While getting to by car from the west, the A61, the D33 and the D119 are the three main roads which can be used. The D33 leads directly to the northern perimeter of airport from Bram. The D33 can also be used from Castelnaudary. The D119 is the direct road from Montréal to the airport. When driving from further away areas such as Toulouse, it is better to follow the A61 and use Junction 23 as turn-off to the airport.

From all eastern place of Carcassonne, the A61 is the route for getting to by car. The D118 and the N112 are leading from northern areas such as Mazamet and Castres. From, Pezens, the D6113 is the direct route to the city and the airport. For Perpignan, located at the south of the Carcassonne, A9 is the main available route. From southern areas such Cailhau and Belvèze-du-Razès, the D18 is the direct link. The D118 is the direct link from Limoux.

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