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Carcassonne Airport Transfers & Taxis

Carcassonne Airport serves the Carcassonne City and towns like Pennautier, Villemoustaussou, Pezens, Ventenac-Cabardès, Montréal, Cazilhac, Caux-et-Sauzens and Alzonne. With 2500 years of history, places like the castle and the town wall with more than 50 towers, Carcassonne is considered to be one of the most amazing medieval cities and has a lot of wonderful attractions to discover. Quicker than a bus and in some cases also cheaper, the taxi transfers are the most convenient way of reaching nearby destinations. These taxis are ready and waiting right outside the airport to take the passengers to any of the surrounding areas.

An advance reservation can be made for the taxi transfers but they are mostly available at the arrival time of flights. In case the taxi is unavailable at the airport, the staff at information desk of airport can be helpful by calling a taxi for you. For the purpose of recording the distance of journey, meter devices are fixed in the taxis. As compared to day time, taxi charges are expansive in early mornings, evening and night time. On weekdays and Saturdays, between 07:00 - 19:00, €0.74 per kilometer is the rate for the journeys. While on public holidays and Sundays the charges are €1.48 per kilometer.

At a cost of €12.00, it takes only ten minutes for to make a trip from airport to nearby city centre during the daytime. However, at a cost of about €15.00 the trip to the ‘La Cité’ is a bit longer. The approximate prices charged by taxi transfers for other famous destinations are as follows, €34.00 - Villeneuvre-Minervois and Laure-Minervois, €41.00 - Limoux, Capendu and Caunes-Minervois, Rieux-Minervois, €46.00 - Peyriac-Minervois and Trausse-Minervois, €53.00 - Pepieux, La Redorte and Azille, €60.00 - Port Minervois and Olonzac, €69.00 - Argens-Minervois, and €100.00 - the Airport of Castres-Mazamet. More than €100.00 is charged approximately for Beziers, Narbonne and Albi Airport which are situated a bit far away.