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Aeroport de Salvaza, Carcassone, F-11000 (France)
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Alamo Carcassonne Airport

Established in 1974, Alamo Car hire has been in the car rental industry for over 35 years and also it rapidly turned out to be one of the top car hire companies around the globe. By keeping its focus on comfort and economical rates Alamo has launched various packages that provide unforgettable experiences for family and leisure customers. In 1995, Real time reservation facilities were first introduced by Alamo on the internet.

At the Carcassonne Airport, the Alamo Car Hire desks are set up in the arrivals section. All facilities are easy to find because Carcassonne Airport with a single terminal is not very large. In order to get to the Car hire Company, there is no requirement for the travelers to utilize any kind of transport. The customers need to be specific about the timings if they want to hire the car from Alamo as it is not open twenty four seven at Carcassonne Airport. It is recommended that all car rental bookings should be made in advance, as there is no assurance that your desired vehicle will be accessible from the rental desks.

At Alamo, vehicles have been categorized into different groups, the vehicles are reserved and priced according to available vehicle categories. In the Economy Category, small models are found which are less expensive. Whereas, larger model like Vans and SUVs are much more expensive. Though, depending upon the requirements of travelers SUV can be an excellent experience but at times a Van can also be an ideal choice. Items like satellite navigation systems, child seats are also available but should be requested in advance. Alamo also offers free of charge hand controls for disabled driver but this also needs to be reserved in advance. The customer should be 21 years old and also must hold a valid driving license in order to hire the car from Alamo.